Criminal Lawyer Sydney

A criminal lawyer Sydney is more important than you may realise. You may have found yourself in a mesy predicament that requires legal defence, make sure you obtain one that will service you the best.

Criminal offences are not limited to the major offences like murder or robbery. Summary offences like driving under the influence (DUI) are also classified as criminal offences and will go on your record as such.

law firmNow, there are cases wherein people get into accidents because of drunk driving. However, there are a lot of instances that a person does not necessarily have their senses impaired due to alcohol but they still exceed the legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) in their system, they will still be arrested. For most areas in Australia, this will be .05, and for drivers with permits it’s .02.

Keep in mind that being arrested does not mean that they are already charged with the crime they are accused of. An arrest simply means that there is a reasonably possibility that the person is guilty of the offence or crime that he is accused of. The person accused is recommended to hire a criminal defence solicitor to help him so that the charge against him will not be filed.

There are many types of laws, and criminal law is one of the most technical and complex ones there are. Definitely it is one that has the most riding on it – many people who have criminal records do not get the same benefits and advantages that someone without a record has. It is unfortunate to see that a person who may have superior qualifications will get passed up for an opportunity because of a mistake that happened in the past.

Look for the right criminal lawyer Sydney to help you get the best possible outcome in this very challenging ordeal. Some people opt for defending themselves, which is not the brightest idea there is. After all, you may know in your mind that you are innocent, but if you don’t know the intricacies of the law, and how to explain yourself competently, you may find yourself in very dire straits indeed.

Now, it is also critical that you don’t just hire any lawyer who comes by. Understandably you are in a panic mode – but keep a level head when choosing for a solicitor to defend you. The first thing you may want to hear that he will make sure that the charges will be dropped, but this is not entirely realistic especially if he hasn’t even had all the facts gathered in the first place. When looking for a lawyer to represent you, make sure he has experience, knowledge, and as much as possible, recommendations from people you do know and trust.criminal lawyer Sydney

Nobody wants to experience these things in their lives, but they happen and the best thing we can do is to see to it we have the best team supporting us. Don’t hesitate to find out more about the topic of a criminal lawyer Sydney in the event that you will need a good one yourself.


Criminal Defence Lawyer Sydney

If you ever figure in a drunk driving incident, you need to know the number of a good criminal defence lawyer Sydney. It can save you from a lot of trouble and future embarrassment.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Sydney

Now, you might think that you are not that reckless on the road—you would never compromise your life or the lives of other people by operating a vehicle in the throes of inebriation. Well, did you know that you don’t have to be crazy drunk to be arrested for driving under the influence? If you have a blood alcohol concentration that exceeds the legal limit in the state you are in, then you can be in serious trouble.

That’s right—you can feel sober and completely normal but if you go higher than .05 (the limit for most areas in Australia), then the officer can arrest you. Of course arrest does not mean that you already have a criminal record right then and there. It simply means that there is a reasonable suspicion that you are guilty of the charge you are accused of and this will progress to court and may mean a criminal record will result if you don’t take action to minimise that prospect.

When you are called to court, you have the option to either represent yourself, and for some reason a lot of people seem to think this is a good idea. I strongly disagree. Sure you will save some money and you may sincerely believe you are innocent, however your heartfelt explanation will unlikely save you. You need someone with an expertise in the technicalities of criminal law to help you get the best outcome possible.

Enter criminal defence lawyer Sydney. A team of experienced professionals whose main objective is to keep this off your record, or at least give you the lowest punishment or penalty is an invaluable asset to have. There are many individuals who neglected to make this crucial investment and the result is a permanent charge in their record.

Remember, people that are charged with DUI are usually normal, upstanding citizens who made a mistake hanging out with friends and having a few drinks before driving. While it is a bad idea to drive after drinking, it shouldn’t be held against them for the rest of their lives, which would happen if it will be put in their criminal record. Be sure to find out more about possibly the best criminal defence lawyer in SydneyBrigitte Simeonides & Associates – (02) 9533 2269 – before you have to attend Court.

Best Criminal Lawyer

legal adviceAre you looking for the best criminal lawyer online? Keep in mind that criminal lawyers or solicitors are not reserved for the mafia and shady characters in those lawyer TV shows – there is a larger scope that these experts can help people with.

One of the most common offences that criminal solicitors have to contend with and provide legal advice and representation for is drink driving. As you may know, the majority of these cases are not made by hardened criminals. More often than not, they are regular people who have had a few drinks on the way home and they happened the breathalyser tests that are randomly being conducted by officers that parole the roads.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who is being charged with this offence is an absolute hazard on the road. You may have all your wits about you but if you exceed the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration level or BAC, then you can be arrested right then and there.

Typically the BAC is around .05 and .02 for new drivers, it really depends on which State you live in. There are three levels of prescribed concentration of alcohol in the blood—low range, mid range or high range. Those that are found to be in the low range will have less severe charges, punishments or fines than those that are in the higher ranges. Aggravating factors include damages incurred, casualties, speeding and reckless driving.

You need the best criminal lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. Definitely the best is NOT to drink and drive. However, we also need to see to it that those being accused are also fairly represented in court. It seems unfair that one mistake can seriously derail the future of the person if he doesn’t know what is happening around him.

Some people think that drink driving is a traffic offence, it is not. This is why you need a criminal solicitor. This type of law is actually quite complex and you will need experts to explain to you all your options and help you get the best outcome possible. Perhaps one of the most important factors you should consider when looking for a criminal lawyer is the experience they have in this area. This can mean the difference of a permanent criminal record and charges not being filed against you.

Find out more about the best criminal lawyer today.

Assault Charges

Assault charges are serious offences that many people make light of. It may be that we see so much violence (on television, at the movies, and even in games) that we are becoming immune to it, but make no mistake – assault is a criminal offence that will not be tolerated by society.

assault chargesFirst of all, when we talk about assault charges, what exactly are we looking at? Some people’s definition of assault may be heavier than others so it is good to have a standard to base what makes something acceptable or not.

A well known definition of assault is as follows:
“A person who strikes, touches, or moves, or otherwise applies force of any kind to, the person of another, either directly or indirectly, without the other person’s consent, or with the other person’s consent if the consent is obtained by fraud, or who by any bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens to apply force of any kind to the person of another without the other person’s consent, under such circumstances that the person making the attempt or threat has actually or apparently a present ability to effect the person’s purpose, is said to assault that other person, and the act is called an assault.”

In other areas, more elements are included like using light, heat, gas or electricity to cause another individual physical discomfort and harm.

You may be asking – how about people who are verbally threatening you to bodily harm? You don’t want to wait until the actual act has been committed before you file charges against the person for assault.

Verbal assault can be a tricky area for many people. Threats to inflict harm on a person may be considered as assault, but ONLY if they seriously cause fear to the potential victim. If the threat is improbable or not serious, then it is not technically an assault. The court will have to decide on the severity of the verbal assault to determine whether or not the person who is threatening will be arrested and charged.

Now, as we see in the above definition of assault, assault is not consensual. Of course – nobody volunteers to be subjected to bodily harm willingly. However, there is a stipulation in many states that when a person can still be arrested if the act used excessive (and often times unnecessary) force on the individual. There does not even need to be physical contact for an assault to have been committed in some circumstances. Again, there is a challenge to clearly define the lines of these laws for conflicting parties that the court will have to make a decision about.

As you may have noticed, assault charges are a very difficult area of criminal law. Most people when charged with assault, opt to defend themselves with the earnest conviction, no pun intended, that they are innocent. The problem is that they do not know the intricacies and legalities of criminal law. They are in danger of digging themselves a deeper hole if they choose to represent themselves instead of hiring a lawyer to do the job for them.

Don’t be counted as one of them. If you are arrested for one of these serious offenses considered a crime, it is crucial that you hire a good solicitor to help you through this trying time. I can tell you, there is perhaps no greater investment you can do for your own life than to make sure that you have the best team to support you here. You may end up being the victim if you do not do something to help yourself in this matter.

Get expert advice and hire professional criminal lawyers to help you with assault charges if you have been charged.

Criminal Law

criminal-lawAs you can imagine, the mention of criminal law conjures up thoughts of courtroom drama, suspicious looking men and tough cases. While that may be true in some cases, a bog portion of criminal cases are not as dramatic as you think. You might be surprised – you may know one or two people who have been involved in these serious situations without even knowing it.

Perhaps one of the most common incidents that can be labelled under criminal acts is drunk driving. Unlike other road violations, drunk driving is considered a misdemeanour and not a simple traffic violation. This means that you can have a record (and I don’t mean the singing kind) when you are arrested and convicted of driving under the influence.

When we talk about driving under the influence, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is totally incapable of steering his vehicle in the road. Many drivers still have the full use of their senses when they get pulled over and arrested. If your blood alcohol reading (BAC) exceeds the legal limit imposed by your state, then you will be arrested.

The BAC is conducted using a breathalyzer, which is being conducted randomly to motorists. While breathalyzers do a fair job in keeping hazards off the road, it is not completely as accurate as some would think. The temperature either of the environment or the person taking the test can alter the reading. The breathing of the individual also factors in – a slower breathing will read higher alcohol levels in the bloodstream.

Of course alcohol affects the body differently for different people. Some people do not process alcohol as well as others so their BAC reading is not the same as another who may have consumed the same amount of alcohol as he or she did. Again, it is infinitely better than you assign a designated driver who is completely sober to bring everybody home, but what we are discussing here is the likelihood of you receiving a criminal record with one simple mistake.

As you can probably tell, many people who are involved in drink driving cases are not hardened criminals. They are regular people who misjudged the consequences of their action and have a potentially life altering situation looming over their horizon. When arrested, they have the option to defend themselves, apply for Legal Aid, or hire a criminal solicitor or lawyer to represent them in court.

It is highly recommended that you go for the third option. After all, will you entrust your life to someone (you) who may not know what he or she is doing? You may be sincere, but your sincerity will not get you out of trouble. Experience and expertise in this area is the most important thing you will need right now, and you can get that with a professional lawyer knowledgeable in these types of cases.

Remember, it doesn’t mean that if you are arrested, you automatically are convicted of the offence. There is still a chance that the charges will be dropped if there is reasonable evidence that you do not deserve to be given the punishment or fine allotted to these cases. Well – how will you know how to defend yourself if you don’t know the technicalities pertaining to this area of law? You may be determined to research and read up on it but it will not compare to someone who is actually an expert in this. Besides, you lack the experience and this will oftentimes make or break the case.

Find the best people in criminal law if you are charged with a criminal offence.